St. Louis World's Fare
August 16, 17, 18

Upcoming Events

STLWF Main Stage

The Lou's best Jazz, Rock, Blues, Bluegrass, Rap, Gospel and more will be featured throughout the weekend. Some of the confirmed artists for 2018 include Hazard To Ya Booty, Lusid, The Squarshers, St. Boogie Brass Band, Preach, Boomtown United, Tonina Saputo, Scrub & Ace Ha, Kasimu-tet, Annie and the Fur Trappers, Daughters of Zion, Old Souls Revival, Apex Shrine and more.

Artist Village

The Artist Village is located in the heart of the Festival, as we believe the artists of every village, town, or city, is the heart beat of the people.

Backyard Games

This is a St. Louis World’s Fare tradition, as the festival has dedicated an entire zone where you can enjoy yard games with your friends & family in historic Forest Park. Game on!

Beer Garden

The 2019 Beer Garden, a shaded drinking oasis centrally located in the festival near the main stage and in Food Truck Row, is the perfect spot to enjoy live music while eating some of the best food trucks in the STL.

World Business Expo

Worlds Business Expo is designed to feature local innovative businesses. As the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair helped bring awareness to many world class businesses that were at the Fair, we hope to help local businesses of today get the same attention at the festival and with the internet.

Exposition: A Culinary Experience

Enjoy a 5-course meal of World's Fare inspired flavors and the city's top chefs at the World's Fair Pavilion in Forest Park.

Ferris Wheel

The Ferris Wheel at the St. Louis Worlds Fare is located at the top of the Government Hill next to the World’s Fair Pavilion providing breathtaking views of the city & county as the ride crests The Beautiful Tree line of Forest Park.

Food Trucks @ The Fare

A first class culinary experience while representing a diverse collection of local and global cuisines ranging in ethnic flavor and style.

Graffiti Wall

Join Paint Louis in creating live graffiti masterpieces.

Historic Experience

Highlighting the history of the 1904 World’s Fair and the city of St. Louis while promoting a positive, yet honest discussion of the region's past while looking forward to a bright future as one community!

Kid's Island

Kid’s Island, located in the lower World’s Fair Pavilion area, will be a child’s paradise. Included in the area will be food trucks, a small stage area, booths, games, inflatables, and more!

Be a Part of the #STLWF!

Be a part of the STL World's Fare!

Want to volunteer for the St. Louis World's Fare? If interested, please give us your name, phone #, and what day or times you're available!

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