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November 28 - Virtual Event

The Alliance Credit Union’s St. Louis World’s Fare Festival deeply regrets not being able to hold the 7th annual Free Festival in Forest Park, this Labor day weekend due to Covid-19 Safety Measures.
We would like to thank all of our sponsors for all of their SPECTACULAR support, especially Alliance Credit Union, RFT, & Sauce Magazine.

As this is a major setback to our team and efforts, we believe it is the right thing to do for the safety of all of our Volunteers, Vendors, Entertainers, and Attendees of the event. However,  we very much look forward to Labor Day Weekend In 2021!
Yes Labor Day Weekend September 3, 4 & 5th in 2021!

We are very excited for 2021 and to add to that excitement we will also be in a new location in Forest Park that will allow us to do more fun activities and have a more accessible festival footprint with free parking. With our New Partner the RiverFront Times, We are working to bring the best in St. Louis Music on the RFT Main-stage with more major announcements coming soon.

The Festival will also Feature:
- Sauce Magazine Food Truck Row
- The Kranzberg Performing Arts Stage
- 1904 World’s Fair Society & History displays
- Kid’s Island
- Backyard Games
- Bar Olympics
- Healing Arts Center with free Yoga classes
- Ferris Wheel in Forest Park

• Also a new feature for the St. Louis World’s Fare is the exciting Alliance Credit Union’s St. Louis World’s Fair Historic Shuttle Tours in Forest Park.

These tours were off to a great start early in 2020 and were postponed also due to Covid-19. We hope for them to resume again in early 2021. (Tickets are sold online.)

Plus an incredible lineup of events that lead into the festival in 2021 that include:
- The 6th Annual Trivia Night
- Bingo & Art Night
- The 4th Annual, “A Funky A Fare” St Louis music showcase

Finally, This November 28th we will be Launching a Virtual Extravaganza! The St. Louis World’s Fare Festival will be Transformed into a high tech event designed to support StL Commerece. Yes, thanks to Covid-19 the Festival will not be in it’s normal format in Forest Park in 2020, and is evolving into something new and more important to the STL community for 2020. Starting November 28th at 12p.m. 2020, the Alliance Credit Union, RiverFront Times, Sauce Magazine, Phat Buddha, 01creative and DreamWeaver Productions are collaborating with the St. Louis World’s Fare festival to create an incredible lineup of music, art, dance, food and a short documentary on the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair and the St. Louis of today.

This exciting event will also be the unveiling of a calendar of festivities starting in early 2021 that will lead into the Main festival with it’s new Labor day weekend Dates in Forest Park!

The Mission of the St. Louis World’s Fare Festival is to educate and honor the major achievements that occured in St Louis at the start of the 20th century during the 1904 World's Fair, While celebrating our talents of today, bringing together people of the region along with supporting schools and charitable organizations to help create an outstanding community in the future.  We must know our past, the good and the bad, so that we may move clearly into the future.

The Virtual event on November 28 will be titled, “StL Virtual Fair“, and will be held on November 28 the Saturday after Thanksgiving 12pm-5pm. The Stl Virtual Fair will be similar to the StL World’s Fare Festival in format, such as art, food, music & history.  It will be recorded in a professional way so that many others may enjoy it in future “clicks.”

The Schedule for November 28th:
12:00pm           Opening Ceremonies
12:15pm           1904 World's Fair and Olympic Virtual Tour
1:00pm             Cooking Demonstrations around the Lou - Learn to cook great plates from around the Lou from 3 of the city's best chef's and learn what they have going on to get through the Covid moment and how they plan to move forward in the future.
1:45pm        Stl Artist featured Artists showing us some of their work and giving viewers an outlook on the St. Louis art scene and why they love working in the 314.
2:05pm        St Louis Bar Keep will guide us on a tour through 3 legendary bars in the St. Louis area and demonstrate how to make one of their amazing cocktails and dive in to learn more about how these venues are surviving thru Covid, what they have planned for the future and how St Louis can support the suffering industry.
2:25pm        Musical Performances from around St. Louis featuring a wide range of St. Louis most talented musicians from a variety of genres straight to your living room.
5:30pm        Closing Ceremonies

In addition there will be 3 more events in 2021 that lead into the St. Louis World’s Fare festival. If you attend all 5 events including the festival on Labor Day Weekend 2021, you will receive $100 GC and be entered into a raffle with 2 chances to win a night on the town for 2 including Dinner & Uber costs, and many other prizes.

The Schedule of events for 2021 are:
April - 6th Annual Trivia Night
May - 4th annual “A-Funky A-Fare” a night of St. Louis Music
June - Bingo, Art & Food Trucks
Sept - 7th Annual St. World’s Fare Festival in Forest Park

Stay tuned to November 28th for the unveiling of this living history of StL featuring the St. Louis community of today.

Introducing The St. Louis World’s Fair Historic Shuttle Tours!

A new & exciting way to explore the historic city of St. Louis

First & Last Saturdays of the Month

Tour @ 1pm-3pm (private tours available)

The St. Louis World’s Fare Heritage Festival and PuraFit are excited to create a collection celebrating the rich history, pride, and unique style that is "Simply St. Louis".

Artist Village

The Artist Village is located in the heart of the Festival, as we believe the artists of every village, town, or city, is the heart beat of the people.

World Business Expo

Worlds Business Expo is designed to feature local innovative businesses. As the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair helped bring awareness to many world class businesses that were at the Fair, we hope to help local businesses of today get the same attention at the festival and with the internet.

Food Trucks @ The Fare

A first class culinary experience while representing a diverse collection of local and global cuisines ranging in ethnic flavor and style.

Historic Experience

Highlighting the history of the 1904 World’s Fair and the city of St. Louis while promoting a positive, yet honest discussion of the region's past while looking forward to a bright future as one community!

Kid's Island

Kid’s Island, located in the lower World’s Fair Pavilion area, will be a child’s paradise. Included in the area will be food trucks, a small stage area, booths, games, inflatables, and more!

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